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Welcome to the brand new website for the New Mexico Law Review! When it began publication in 1971, the mission of the New Mexico Law Review, as the only general legal journal in the state, was to serve as a crucible for scholarly discussion of legal issues unique to New Mexico. Today, as technology advances, the need for an effective, updated, and current website has become a necessity for access to legal scholarship. That’s why we are committed to operating an interactive, current, and innovative website.

Some signature features of our new website will include:

First, the New Mexico Law Review is happy to announce that we will now be publishing legal blogs on our website. More details to come soon in a separate post!   

Second, recent decisions from the New Mexico Court of Appeals and the New Mexico Supreme Court will be summarized, posted, and updated on a regular basis.

Third, the New Mexico Law Review will host short podcasts interviewing local attorneys, professors, and students.

We’ve incorporated these new features to better serve and interact with the New Mexico legal community. Thank you for visiting! Take a look around.

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The NMLR Editorial Board & Staff

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